Our IT
Consulting Services


IT Outsourcing

We recruit and retain the best IT talent to add tangible value to your business with specialized IT outsourcing services.

We allocate IT teams that help you optimize your operations, reduce costs, and deliver your projects on time and within budget.


Customized IT Solutions

We deliver functional IT solutions, 100% adapted to your business goals and needs.

Our solutions range from software development to implementation and delivery of new technological products.


IT Project Management

We integrate Fyld’s IT consultants into your team to help manage your projects. We have experience in Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Transport, Telcos, and Software.

Training Academies

We promote continuous training sessions to our IT consultants, depending on your IT outsourcing needs. We develop training academies to meet our clients’ goals and expectations.

Our Tech Stack

Not only are we focused on delivering IT outsourcing services, including functional analysis, project management, applicational support, systems administration, tests, and business intelligence, but our IT consultants have also mastered the following technologies.

An IT Team Tailored
to Your Specific Needs

The unique team spirit and unprecedented support we provide to our consultants result in a strong bond between Fyld and our clients.

This sense of commitment and accountability is mirrored in the quality of work we deliver and in the success of each candidate that we put forward for an IT outsourcing project.

Asked Questions

IT outsourcing gives you the time you need to focus on the quality of your products/services—that is the core business of your company. When you outsource software development in a wide range of backend and frontend technologies you’re reducing operational costs, optimizing processes, and increasing your productivity. You’ll have on-demand access to specialized IT talent, without needing to worry about their recruitment process or career development.

At Fyld, we work with a range of programming languages and technologies, including Microsoft, JAVA, PHP, OutSystems, Javascript, C++, Cobol, iOS, Android, Go, Python, Scala, and RPA. Occasionally, we also work with other technologies to meet our client’s needs.

Fyld’s human resources process is personalized and 100% adapted to the profile, skills, goals, and expectations of each newcomer. The IT Recruitment team is their first touchpoint, followed by an introduction to the Talent Team. For each player, we design a personalized career plan, including training and certifications tailored to their individual professional goals.


What makes us different from other IT outsourcing companies in the market is the way in which we deal with each success and challenge—individually or collectively—faced by our consultants. At Fyld we live by a feeling of belonging and unity that enhances our collective will to deliver a specialized and outstanding service to our clients and partners. We invest in the continuous training and support of our team members so that they succeed as high performing IT consultants.

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